Curve Chinese Burn US Single

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One thought on “Curve Chinese Burn US Single

  1. I noticed that on the proper album 'Come Clean' that the printed lyrics from the song 'Coming Up Roses' has several extra lines at the end.As a fellow Curve fan, I'm hoping you have the version with the extended ending. I've looked for it for years. I'm guessing it's on some vinyl release that I just never ran across. Do you know if the full version exists somewhere? The extended lyrics are…

    A first thought came to the sound
    And it filled itself with spectrum
    So it can see from the back of its head
    It can sense the shifting moods
    How little the first thought knows
    Its intentions its code of honor
    Till it's formed with cunning humor
    Feel the beat fall in
    Then a second leg came from the sound
    What if I just don't deliver
    The queen bee the enemy the ecstasy
    A beast at the core of its nature
    A beast at the core of its nature

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