Deacon Blue Your Town

Deacon Blue Your Town

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One thought on “Deacon Blue Your Town

  1. OK cr*p shoot request.

    Going through early Perfecto/Oakenfold catalogue this past week.

    Trying to locate any of the following singles with the Perfecto Mixes. If anyone can help me on any of these, it would be much appreciated. Some of these were featured on related blogs but the links have long since expired. Thanks in advance to any and all.

    Cry Sisco. Afro Dizzy Act
    Pleasure. Please
    Frazier Chorus. Cloud 8
    Strings Of Love. Nothing Has Been Proved
    Gary Clail. The Emotional Hooligan [single]
    Yo Yo Honey. Don’t Come To Leave/Get It On
    Alison Limerick. Come Back (For Real Love)
    Angie Giles. Submerge
    New Direction. Run To Me
    B-Real. I Can’t Take Your Love
    Utah Saints. I Still Think Of You
    Rolling Stones. You Got Me Rocking
    Diva. The Sun Always Shines On TV

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